Interfacing DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor with PIC16F877A using pic microcontoller

After interfacing the DHT11 with Arduino uno board at the following post: ARDUINO Humidity & Temperature Measurement Using DHT11 Sensor Now we are going to see how to interface this sensor with microchip pic16f877a. There are some descriptions of how this sensor work  in the above link A brief description of the code: The code is written using MikroC compiler.  First we must send a start signal to the s ...

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A Digital temperature meter using an LM35 temperature sensor using PIC16F688

Introduction A digital thermometer is a good choice of project for beginners who just stepped in to the world of microcontrollers because it provides an opportunity to learn using sensors to measure the real world signals that are analog in nature. This article describes a similar project based on a PIC16F688 microcontroller and an LM35 temperature sensor. LM35 is an analog sensor that converts the surround ...

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