TIC TAC TOE game using PIC16F628

This project is not to introduce Tic Tac Toe. Everyone knows this game. It’s to introduce two features. Bi-coloured LEDs, microcontrollers and the skill of writing an ALGORITHM. You can use the project to learn the skills of creating the Tic Tac Toe program or create animations on the 3×3 display. Tic Tac Toe is […]

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So much fun

Lazer Duel

For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a Lazer Duel game system involving two guns and a base station commucating over ultra low power RF tranceivers. We can shoot and detect shooting useing an IR emitter/receiver on the guns. The base station will coordinate the game by allowing two players to join and will end the game once a

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EMG Signal Controlled Game

The idea of this project is to design and implement two channels EMG signal controlled video game. The player controlls the motion of the ball to the left or to the right to avoid the descending obstacles. Electrods will be placed to the back of the player’s hands to measure the voltage difference of the

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LED Cube with SnakeGo

LED Cube with SnakeGo

Introduction The idea of our final project is to design and implement a PIC32-drived 8x8x8 LED cube with 3-dimensional display. Besides 3D display feature, another major feature of this magical LED cube is that it provides a playing field and users can play 3D snake game on the cube by using NES controller. Six buttons

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Overall Block Diagram

Groovy Times

Introduction  Our team being excited by the recent trend towards more active forms of entertainment, such as those provided by motion-control systems and virtual-reality headsets, set out to create a similar type of device. We were further inspired by the games Rhythm Heaven and Dance Dance Revolution, in which the different physical inputs made by the player worked

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Game Play


Introduction: We created our own version of Guitar Hero which can play any song that has a MIDI file by using our custom controller and UI. We are big fans of the original Guitar Hero game, but felt limited by its inability to only play a set of songs. We came up with the solution, Guitar

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Final Project Setup

EEG Error Correction Interface

Introduction Our project was an EEG-controlled brain computer interface that allowed a user to correct errors in machine behavior. The project was modeled as a trial-based “game.” In each trial, a solid colored green block or dotted yellow block was placed on a conveyor belt. One end of the conveyor belt had a solid colored

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