STMicroelectronics STEVAL-LLL009V1 Digitally Controlled 300W Power Supply consists of power factor correction (PFC) and half-bridge LCC resonant converter power stages. An STM32F334R8 microcontroller implements DC-DC and output synchronous rectification digital control, while the PFC is driven in transition mode by the L6562AT controller. To ensure maximum efficiency, MDmesh K5 and MDmesh DK5 Power MOSFETs are used in the PFC and LCC half-bridge. The STripFET F7 Power MOSFET is employed to reduce conduction losses in the secondary side’s synchronous rectification stage. The primary and secondary sections are supplied by an off-line flyback circuit based on VIPER267KDTR high voltage converter for ultra-wide input, which provides regulated voltages to the control board, the gate driver ICs and the signal conditioning circuits.

The STMicroelectronics STEVAL-LLL009V1 Digitally Controlled 300W Power Supply delivers high efficiency, power factor near unity, and low THD across wide input voltage and load conditions.


  • System architecture based on transition mode boost PFC, half bridge LCC and synchronous rectification (full bridge)
  • 270V to 480VAC input voltage range
  • Output can be configured in constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) mode:
    • 300W maximum O/P power rating
    • 48.5V ± 1% CV mode
    • 6.25A ± 2.5% with voltage drop from 36 to 48V CC mode
  • Peak efficiency >93.5%
  • Power Factor > 0.9 for load > 33% of max. load of the input voltage range
  • THD < 20% for load > 25% of max. load of the input voltage range
  • Dimming control in CC mode configuration:
    • 0V to 10V control
    • 1% resolution
    • Analog dimming
  • Soft start
  • I/P and O/P under and overvoltage protection, O/P open/no load circuit protection, O/P short/overload circuit protection
  • Digitally controlled by STM32F334R8
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE compliant (2012/19/UE RAEE II)


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