ST replaces car relays with tiny switch IC

The VND7020AJ-E is a double channel high-side driver manufactured using ST proprietary VIPower®M0-7 technology and housed in PowerSSO-16 package. The device is designed to drive 12 V automotive grounded loads through a 3 V and 5 V CMOS-compatible interface, providing protection and diagnostics.

The device integrates advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, overload active management by power limitation and overtemperature shutdown with configurable latch-off.

A FaultRST pin unlatches the output in case of fault or disables the latch-off functionality.

A dedicated multifunction multiplexed analog output pin delivers sophisticated diagnostic functions including high precision proportional load current sense, supply voltage feedback and chip temperature sense, in addition to the detection of overload and short circuit to ground, short to VCCand OFF-state open-load.

A sense enable pin allows OFF-state diagnosis to be disabled during the module low-power mode as well as external sense resistor sharing among similar devices.

Key Features

  • GeneralDouble channel smart high side driver with MultiSense analog feedbackVery low standby currentCompatible with 3 V and 5 V CMOS outputs
  • MultiSense diagnostic functionsMultiplexed analog feedback of: load current with high precision proportional current mirror, VCCsupply voltage and TCHIPdevice temperatureOverload and short to ground (power limitation) indicationThermal shutdown indicationOFF-state open-load detectionOutput short to VCCdetectionSense enable/disable
  • ProtectionsUndervoltage shutdownOvervoltage clampLoad current limitationSelf limiting of fast thermal transientsConfigurable latch-off on overtemperature or power limitation with dedicated fault reset pinLoss of ground and loss of VCCReverse battery with external componentsElectrostatic discharge protection

ST replaces car relays with tiny switch IC

STMicroelectronics has introduced high-side switch ICs which can be use to replace conventional relays for vehicle electronics such as lights and body modules.

The switches are available in a common package style so that modules suppliers can build several variants using the same basic hardware and software so car makers can address differing requirements in international markets and offer various model specifications.

The latest VIPower switch products, the M0-7 series are available in a 5 x 4mm package.

Changes to the internal design increase precision, improve diagnostic feedback and reliability.

Specifically, there is greater protection against short circuits, more accurate voltage and temperature feedback, increased current-sense precision, and best-in-class electromagnetic emission (EMI) performance.

Samples of all family members are available now


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