Intersil has RS-485 transceiver running off 1.8V


The Intersil ISL32600E, ISL32601E, ISL32602E and ISL32603E are ±15kV IEC61000 ESD protected, micro power, wide supply range transceivers for differential communication. The ISL32600E and ISL32601E operate with VCC ≥ 2.7V and have maximum supply currents as low as 100µA with both the transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) enabled. The ISL32602E and ISL32603E operate with supply voltages as low as 1.8V. These transceivers have very low bus currents, so they present less than a 1/8 unit load to the bus. This allows more than 256 transmitters on the network, without violating the RS-485 specification’s 32 unit load maximum.

Rx inputs feature symmetrical switching thresholds, and up to 65mV of hysteresis, to improve noise immunity and to reduce duty cycle distortion in the presence of slow moving input signals (see Figure 9). The Rx input common mode range is the full -7V to +12V RS-485 range for supply voltages ≥ to 3V.

Hot Plug circuitry ensures that the Tx and Rx outputs remain in a high impedance state while the power supply stabilizes.

This transceiver family utilizes slew rate limited drivers, which reduce EMI, and minimize reflections from improperly terminated transmission lines, or unterminated stubs in multidrop and multipoint applications.

The ISL32600E and ISL32602E are configured for full duplex (separate Rx input and Tx output pins) applications. The half duplex versions multiplex the Rx inputs and Tx outputs to allow transceivers with output disable functions in 8 Ld packages. See Table 1 for a summary of each device’s features.

Intersil has RS-485 transceiver running off 1.8V

Key Features

  • Single 1.8V, 3V, or 3.3V Supply
  • Low Supply Currents: ISL32601E, 100µA (Max) @ 3V ISL32603E, 150µA (Max) @ 1.8V
    • Ultra Low Shutdown Supply Current: 10nA
  • IEC61000 ESD Protection on RS-485 IO Pins: ±15kV
    • Class 3 ESD Levels on all Other Pins: >8kV HBM
  • Symmetrical Switching Thresholds for Less Duty Cycle Distortion (See Figure 9)
  • Up to 65mV Hysteresis for Improved Noise Immunity
  • Data Rates from 128kbps to 460kbps
  • Specified for +125°C Operation
  • 1/8 Unit Load Allows up to 256 Devices on the Bus
  • -7V to +12V Common Mode Input Output Voltage Range (VCC ≥ 3V)

Intersil has introduced an RS-485 transceiver that can operate from supply voltages as low as 1.8V.

The RS-485 transceivers are designed for noise-immune data communication and are specified to operate from a 1.8V to 3.6V supply voltage.

At 1.8V, they consume only 105µA quiescent supply current, and shutdown current consumption is an ultra-low 10nA, extending battery life in remotely powered nodes.

The ISL32600E and ISL32601E operate with Vcc greater than or equal to 2.7V, with a supply current of 80µA when both the transmitter and receiver are enabled.

Both versions are ±15kV IEC61000 ESD protected and designed to operate in hostile environments up to 125°C.

Likely applications are in flow meters or security systems, where the voltage and power must be minimal, especially if the application must be intrinsically safe.


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