Services You Can Get From A Custom Software Development Company

A lot of innovations now have been making our lives easy. Managing, marketing, and advertising your business also are systematically in place with the help of technology. Softwares are available to cater to your needs.

What Is Software?

While hardware refers to the physical component of a computer system, the software gives the command to the computer. Application and system are the two main types of it (read more).

The system is the one running when operating the computer hardware. It is installed in the computer together with the installation of an operating system, which is also independent that it could run on its own. Examples of this include debugger, compiler, etc.

On the other hand, the application only runs when requested by a user and is installed only when the user needs it for a specific task. Moreover, it is dependent on the system to run. Examples of this include a web browser, word processor, etc.

There is off-the-shelf software built for a general audience and is composed of essential and similar needs of businesses. However, if companies have specific requirements that are not available in the commercial, then customized is developed.

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software is an application that was developed uniquely for a specific purpose to cater to a particular company’s needs. As the name itself, it is customized.

When a company has specific application needs that commercial ones cannot meet, they develop customized ones (if they have their team). However, some companies don’t have qualified employees to build software, so they hire third-party providers like Qulix Systems and other trusted developers. Companies like this are offering different services.

What Are The Services You Can Expect From A Custom Software Company

Several companies are dedicated to providing quality products and services to their clients. As for Qulix Systems, their clients include telecommunications, health, social care, insurance companies, banking and finance, e-commerce and retail, etc.

Following are the services companies that specialize could offer to businesses in need:

Web Application

They can develop a website and a web portal for you—also, E-carts, auctions, marketplaces, social networks, and rich internet applications.

Enterprise System

This includes front-end banking systems, document management systems, and e-procurement systems.

Mobile Application

Applications in Android, iOS, Windows phone, and cross-platform (hybrid).

Other Services That Are Being Offered

Web Application Development Services

These are progressive web apps, ERP systems, CRM systems, and SPAs, both Front-End and Back-End Development.

Front-end development includes single-page applications, PWAs, desktop apps, mobile apps, cloud apps, and web apps.

Back-end development includes progressive web apps, web portals, ERP systems, Media and entertainment apps, etc.

Mobile Development

Some companies are also great to help with native apps, hybrid apps, smart tv apps, and AR/VR apps.

iOS apps development includes SDK, Apple TV app, iPad app, and Apple Watch app.

Android apps development includes Smart TV app, IoT app, Connected car, and Wearables app.

Hybrid mobile app development includes Hybrid app design, mixed app development using Ionic, React Native, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, etc.

Cross-Platform App Development Solutions

Here included are inventory management, digital publishing, augmented reality, and enterprise.

Other services include product assessment, system consulting, and technology integration and management.

Business Applications Development Services

Services under this include HR Management, Supply Chain Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Content & Document Management, Business Process Management, Automated Billing and Payment Processing, Business Continuity Planning, and Production Process Automation.

App Migration And Legacy Modernization Services

This includes application re-engineering, platform migration, application upgrades, technology migration, web enablement, application modernization consulting, etc.

Other clients include oil & gas (mining), education, public sector, energy and utilities, travel and hospitality, health care, and media.

There are a lot more services you may get from different custom software development companies. Since each company has its specialty, it would be best to check each of them for you to choose which best suits your enterprise.

You have to remember that when you hire a third-party provider for your computer needs, you must be wise and meticulous. It is essential first to figure out what you need and then determine how much you can budget for the work. From there, you may start checking for a company that could provide your needs, and your account can afford. You may also consider the reviews that other people are giving for a particular company. If you do not have an idea yet of the companies to choose from, you may ask around. (link:

There are also rankings of the best custom software providers that you may find on the internet. If you have chosen your company already, it would be best to ask for a prototype of their products. You may also talk to them about all the questions in your mind about this.

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