The AA and AAA-sized batteries provide power to our everyday handheld devices like radio, remote control, gamepads, synths, etc. Most of these batteries used are non-rechargeable, and one has to dispose of them after their usage. According to a report, more than 80% of zinc-carbon cells end up in a landfill. The improper disposal of the batteries has adverse effects on the environment. Each battery contains hazardous, toxic, and corrosive materials like mercury, cadmium, lithium, and lead. When the outer covering of the batteries corrode, the prior-mentioned toxic heavy metals mixes with the soil and may also contaminate ground and surface water. If got burned, they also pollute the air.

Luke Brennan and his team developed a simple, effective way to replace the small batteries. They have launched the ReVolt Bridge Cable, a simple swap, you take out your device’s batteries (either AAA, AA, C, or D) and instead put the bridge cable. Now you can power your device via USB, wall phone charger, solar cell, or from your laptops.

The team says about the device,

At myVolts, we have 20 years’ experience developing power solutions, leading the field in USB power. We’ve put in the hard hours of R&D, which has yielded a simple solution to a problem we all need to solve: Everyone hates buying, using, and disposing of batteries.

In the ReVolt bridge cable, one end of it is battery-shaped and goes into the battery-shaped cylinder. The other end has a power connector and they both are connected by a thin ribbon cable that allows you to easily close the door on the device’s battery compartment.


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