Real Time Clock Circuit using Mircocontroller

Here I am going to teach you a simple circuit of 24 hour digital clock display that can also be used in 12 hour format by simply loading the corresponding clock program. You can download the hex files for both 12 hour format and 24 hour time system from the link given in this article. Coming to the technical part, main component of the circuit is a PIC16f84A microchip; it generates the one second clock to run the device and also controls the seven segment display. Three push buttons are also provided to set the time; one for reset by which you can reset the complete circuit as it is connected to the reset pin of PIC microcontroller. Other two push buttons are for setting hour and minute. By Pressing these button continuously you can increment hour and minutes.

Real Time Clock Circuit using Mircocontroller

The main feature of this real time clock circuit is that it only draws less than 100mA, so it can be run with rechargeable batteries. By increasing the value of resistors connected to the seven segment display you can decrease the current gain. 24(international time clock) to 12 hour time clock conversion can be done simply by burning the PIC microchip with the corresponding hex file.

Download Hex file of real time embedded C

The hex file for both 12 hour and 24 hour time clock are available at our Download Center.
(In case you are facing any problem in downloading the files, use the comment box at the bottom
Download link Updated: 14/June/2013)

Circuit diagram of Pacific Time clock

Click on the circuit for enlarged view

Real Time Clock Circuit using Mircocontroller Schemetic

Components Required

  1. PIC 16F84A
  2. Transistor BC548 (4-Nos)
  3. Resistor (180R-9Nos,10K,1K-4Nos)
  4. LED
  5. Capacitor(22pf2Nos)
  6. Push button (3-Nos)
  7. Crystal 4MHz
  8. Common cathode seven segment display (4-Nos)


For more deteail: Real Time Clock Circuit using Mircocontroller

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