Phone Projects

Carriage Fitment

Incredible DIY iPhone Macro

After taking apart dozens of disposable cameras over the years, I found myself with a lot of lenses of varying sizes and nothing to use them for… until now! By making a simple carriage that would hold the lens and attach to my iPhone via rubber band, I was able to make a virtually free […]

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DTMF Phone Dialer

DTMF Phone Dialer using PIC16F690

The company I work for recently upgraded their phone system. They got a new IP phone system that can supposedly do everything – the new phones have big LCD screens with fancy menus, lots of different modes, PC connection for remote control of the phone, e-mailing voice messages, and tons of other features. All that

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This project is a dedicated device. It dials a single phone number when the handset is lifted. There are two different modes of operation.. A slide-switch on the PC board allows the project to operate in automatic or manual mode. If the switch is in “auto dial” mode,  a pre-programmed phone number is  AUTOMATICALLY dialled

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