Input programming activity schematic

Input programming activity

The previous activities showed you how to make the microcontroller activate outputs. This activity demonstrates how to receive inputs from externally connected devices. The input programs also introduce the concept of abstraction—the ability of a program to refer to I/O circuits using assigned variable names rather than their specific hardware addresses. What you should know […]

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Build a Programmer for the 68HC705C8 MicroController Schematic

Build a Programmer for the 68HC705C8 MicroController

Introduction This programmer is used for programming the Motorola 68HC705C8 (or C8A). The 68HC705C8 has the following attributes; 8K bytes of internal EPROM 304 bytes of internal RAM 24 user-definable input/output ports 7 Input only ports Serial Control Interface (SCI) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 16 bit capture/compare timer system Watch Dog timer This micro-controller is

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How to make a JDM Programmer

How to make a JDM Programmer

(PIC18F4550 Programming) Hardware | Schematic | Complete Description This JDM programmer works with a RS232, 9-pin(9 wire) DB9 Serial connector on your computer, and is used for loading Source Code (hex files) into your microcontroller. JDM programmers are Cheap and very easy to make. JDM programmer that we are going to make will be used

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PIC Programmer and Programming schematic

PIC Programmer and Programming

Programmer There are many PIC programmers you can purchase or whose schematics (and software) you can find freely over the Internet David Tait has a programmer with software and hardware schematics available here. If you read his documentation, you will find various programmer schematics. I use the Classic “Tait” Programmer. The schematic is below: I

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