How to write embedded C project in Mikro C to build .HEX file

Are you an electronics hobbyist? I will help you to write your first embedded C program. ‘Mikro C pro’ is one of the popular embedded C software for PIC microcontroller. It is more user-friendly and has a set of inbuilt functions and commands. After compiling a microcontroller program in C using ‘Mikro C pro’,you will be able to generate .HEX files from the program codes.What is .HEX file? .HEX file is a machine code that corresponds to our C language codes. Only microcontroller and microprocessor can interpret the .HEX files.  After building a .HEX file, you need to write the .HEX file to the memory of micro controller. This process is called burning of microcontroller.How to write embedded C project in Mikro C to build .HEX file

This article will give you an idea about getting started with ‘Mikro C’ programming for microcontrollers and how to build .HEX files.

Steps to create a PIC microcontroller project in ‘Mikro C’ (Getting started programming for microcontrollers)

  • Open ‘Mikro C pro’.
  • Navigate to Project>>New Project.
  •  ‘Welcome to the New Project Wizard’ window will appear. Click the Nextbutton.
  • Choose your PIC from the drop down menu, different types of PIC microcontrollers are available. We are using PIC16F877A, then click Next.
  • You will be asked to set up the device clock frequency. Look into the crystal oscillator in your PIC development board where the frequency is marked in MHz. (eg: 4.00=4MHz) Give the clock frequency and click Next.How to write embedded C project in Mikro C to build .HEX file schematic
  • Now choose any folder (project location directory) to save the project by clicking the Browse button as shown below.
  • Put a name to the project and click Save, then Next button.
  • Now you can see ‘Add file to project’ window, right now there is no work for you just click Next button.
  • Now you have successfully created the new project, click the Finish button.



For more detail: How to write embedded C project in Mikro C to build .HEX file

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