Basic PIC circuit is not working

I have just begun in the world of micro-controllers, and the first micro-controller. I chose to work with was the PIC from Microchip. The PIC I am using is the PIC16F877A. I am using MPLAP IDE and HI-TECH C. I am trying to make an extremely simple program that turns on an LED. This is the code I am using: #include<htc.h> #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 __CONFIG(UNPROTECT & PWRTDIS & WDTDIS & HS ...

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PIC16F877A (with LCD) not working

I have designed a PIC18F877A micro controller project to read temperature from an LM35 using ADC, display it on an LCD and transmit it to a serial port. When the program starts, sometimes it shows a startup message - sometimes it doesn't display anything. Also, the serial port connection is not working. Can anyone help - am I missing something? Are there any ground connections missing? My code: #include #de ...

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LED Scrolling Display Project Working With Circuit Diagram

We normally use a simple static LED display screen to convey a message. Earlier, when we want to display large data, we used to change message for every few instances. Now scrolling displays are more preferred to static. By using a pre programmed controller, we can make LED display in scrolling way. We can also make LED to adoptable by using PC controller based system. Simple Outdoor LED Message Moving or S ...

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