HacKeyboard, a mechanical keyboard built from scratch

Hello fellow ‘instructablers’! In this instructable I’ll present you a brand new project that I’ve just completed. In fact, I’m using the project itself to write this instructable. I present to you the amazing, the fantastic, the magnificent…

HacKeyboard, a mechanical keyboard built from scratch


What is HacKeyboard?

It looks like a computer keyboard, and it is, but not an ordinary one. It’s story and hidden functions add a lot more to it. “Under the hood” you’ll find that this keyboard has:

  • SMK Alps Mount switches: Yep, this is an NKRO (N-Key Roll Over) fully mechanical keyboard with good old SMK Alps Mount switches. A single switch beneath each key gives you an amazing tactile and audible feedback of every keypress just like the old good keyboards from the 80s.
  • Compact size: it has a tenkeyless format.
  • Special commands to record up to 12 macros: if you work with spreadsheets and often have to repeat the same stuff in a lot of cells, fear no more because HacKeyboard will let you save up to 12 different key sequences, each up to 150 key presses. You’re a gamer and you want to shoot, jump, move to the side and reload with just one click? HacKeyboard has got your back on that; You’re a programmer and want to write your if, while, for structures automatically? HacKeyboard can do that too! Oh, and it’s all done by key commands without any software required. It’s all built-in!.
  • Internal Keylogger: Yup, You can log whatever you/someone who uses your keyboard writes. What can you do with what they write? I’ll leave that to your imagination! Just remember that with great power, comes great responsibility!
  • Internal USB hub: It has an additional micro USB connector to plug in one of those recent micro USB pen drives or any USB device by using a USB OTG cable.
  • Internal 8GB secret storage: well… now that I’m telling this it’s not secret anymore HacKeyboard has an internal 8GB USB flash drive that will never be seen by your computer unless you press a specific key combination. Perfect to store your secret photos/videos/documents.

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