For hobbyists and professionals, getting a reliable company to build your PCB is very important. One of these companies for building your PCB is PCBgogoPCBgogo is one of the largest and most popular PCB manufacturers. Located in Shenzhen, China, the facility is built in over 2400 sqm of land, and they specialize in manufacturing high-quality PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) for very low prices. They fabricate your boards according to your designs and needs. PCBgogo offers various product categories. These categories include data: communication, optical networking, medical treatment, industrial control, aerospace/military, etc.

PCBgogo offers Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly capabilities. SMT is a way to mount the components or parts onto the boards. So instead of using through-hole assembly to install components, SMT has replaced the former assembly method with welding technology. Due to the better outcome and higher efficiency, SMT has become the primary approach used in the process of PCB assembly.

Why Should You Go For PCBgogo’s SMT?

  1. When you use SMT technology to assemble components onto a board directly, it helps to reduce the entire size and the weight of the PCBs. This method enables PCBgogo to place more components in a small space, thereby achieving compact designs and better performance.
  2. PCBgogo’s entire SMT assembly process is almost automated with precise machines. This makes it minimizes the errors that may be caused by manual involvement. This automated process of SMT technology ensures the reliability and consistency of the PCBs.
  3. Because of its automated SMT assemble capabilities, manual involvement during SMT processes is reduced, which significantly improves production efficiency and lowers labor costs in the long-run. Also, there are fewer materials used than through-hole assemble, making costs to be decreased.

Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board

One PCB available for fabrication by PCBgogo is the rigid-flex printed circuit board. What are rigid-flex printed circuit boards? They are the composite boards of rigid boards and flexible boards. When you examine most rigid-flex circuits, you realize that they are multi-layered, so a rigid-flex PCB can house one or several flex boards and rigid boards, which are then connected through internally/externally plated-through holes. They eliminate problems associated with traditional hardboard technologies. PCBgogo sticks to a strict quality control system to ensure the rigid-flex boards manufactured and assembled correctly with high-quality standards.


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