MC9RS08KB4CFK Minibot

The Minibot is a small autonomous robot vehicle that uses phototransistor that can detect lightness patterns on the ground to follow the edges of the dark lines. It has a MC9RS08KB4 MCU, coin cell, motor, and a phototransistor. The MC9RS08KB4 is part of the MC9RS08KB12 series, a family of RS08KB 8-bit microcontrollers. It features a 4KB flash size, 14 to 18 I/O pins, 8 to 12 channels of ADC, and a 126 RAM size.

MC9RS08KB4CFK Minibot

The minibot is designed to be smaller than the hand and can be powered using a 3.6V coin cell. It uses a MC9RS08KB4 8-bit microcontroller. The two phototransistors are used as lightness sensors connected to the input pins of an analog comparator (PTA0 and PTA1). The two 2N7002K N-channel motors are connected to pin PTB4 and PTB5 that can be configured to the PWM ports. The LED is used for surface lighting.

The Minibot is applicable to automated guided vehicle that may be developed to larger robot or smaller robot for specific applications. The MC9RS08KB4 can be used in toys, handheld instruments, lighting control, battery charger and management, and simple logic replacements.

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