Maxim aims to make sensor technology pervasive


The MAX44005 integrates 7 sensors in one product: red, green, blue (RGB) sensors; an ambient light (clear) sensor; a temperature sensor; an ambient infrared sensor, and an infrared proximity sensor with an I²C interface. This highly integrated optical sensor includes a temperature sensor to improve reliability and performance.

The IC computes all the light information with parallel data converters to make simultaneous light measurement in a very short time. The chip consumes only 15µA in RGBC + IR mode and operates at 1.8V supply voltage.

The IC’s RGB sensing capability improves the performance of end products by providing robust and precise information for ambient color sensing and color temperature measurement.

The integrated proximity sensor uses a single-pulse LED scheme to achieve very low power consumption. This method also improves sunlight rejection and 50Hz/60Hz noise to deliver reliable proximity measurements. With this technology, the IC is a perfect solution for touch-screen portable devices and presence detection applications.

Key Features

  • Optical Sensor Fusion for True Color Sensing
    • 7 Parallel ADCs
    • R, G, B, IR, ALS, Proximity Sensing
    • Temperature Sensing
  • Superior Sensitivity
    • 0.001 Lux
  • Optimized for System Power Efficiency
    • 10µA in Ambient Mode
    • 15µA in RGBC + IR Mode
    • 0.01µA in Shutdown Mode
  • Integrated 1-Pulse IR LED Driver for Proximity Sensing
    • Improved Sensitivity and Power Saving
    • Sunlight Rejection
  • Digital Functionalities
    • Programmable Channel Gains
    • Adjustable Interrupt Thresholds
  • High-Level Integration
    • 7 Sensors in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm Package



Maxim aims to make sensor technology pervasive

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced digital optical sensors that integrate up to seven sensors into one optical package.

Designed for use in smartphones, digital light management, security systems, and medical devices, the optical sensors measure red/green/blue (RGB) light levels, ambient visible light (ALS), proximity to the sensor, ambient infrared (IR) levels, and temperature.

“There is a progression of trends toward a world where everything is connected, where sensors become pervasive and technology virtually disappears,” said Chae Lee, senior v-p of Maxim’s Mobility Group.

The MAX44006/MAX44008 devices integrate RGB color sensors plus an ALS (clear), an ambient IR, and temperature sensors.

The MAX44005 includes an RGB color sensor plus an ALS (clear), ambient IR, IR proximity, and temperature sensors.

They are available in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm optical package.


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