LT3964 – Dual 36V Synchronous 1.6A Buck LED Driver with I2C


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4V to 36V
  • Two Independent 1.6A/40V Synchronous Bucks
  • I2C Interface for Internal True Color PWM™ Dimming (8192:1), Analog Dimming and Fault Reporting
  • 1000:1 External True Color PWM Dimming and 10:1 External Analog Dimming
  • PMOS Switch Driver for PWM and Output Disconnect
  • ±3% Constant Current Regulation
  • Adjustable Frequency: 200kHz to 2MHz
  • Frequency Synchronization with Clock Output
  • Programmable OPENLED Protection with Reporting
  • Short-Circuit Protection with Reporting
  • Programmable Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • Internal Compensation
  • 9 Unique Device Addresses for I2C
  • Available in 5mm × 6mm 36-Lead QFN Package

Typical Application

LT3964 - Dual 36V Synchronous 1.6A Buck LED Driver with I2C


The LT®3964 is a dual synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with I2C interface designed to operate as a constant-current and constant-voltage source and is ideal for driving LEDs. The fixed frequency and peak current mode topology result in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages. The ground referred voltage FB pin serves as the input for several LED protection features, and also allows the converter to operate as a constant-voltage source. The maximum output current is set by an external resistor, and the output current amplifier has a rail-to-rail common mode range. LT3964 uses an I2C interface to communicate with a microcontroller to read LED faults, write PWM and analog dimming registers and set fault masking. The I2C PWM input provides LED dimming ratios up to 8192:1. The I2C programmable CTRL register sets the gain of the external CTRL pin, and maximum current sense threshold, providing additional analog dimming capability.


  • General Purpose, Industrial, Medical and  Automotive Lighting
  • Constant-Current, Constant-Voltage Source

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