ESP8266 Troubleshooting Guide

ESP8266 Troubleshooting – NodeMCU Flasher

Where do I download the NodeMCU flasher?

Go to the NodeMCU flasher GitHub repository and download the flasher for your Windows PC bit version by clicking the button that says “Raw”:

  • NodeMCU flasher Windows 64 bits
  • NodeMCU flasher Windows 32 bits

ESP8266 Troubleshooting Guide

Which settings should I use with the NodeMCU flasher?

The NodeMCU flasher already comes with the right settings by default.

If you have changed some of the settings, I highly recommend that you re-download the NodeMCU flasher.

Here’s my current settings:


After I press the “Flash” button nothing happens, the NodeMCU flasher doesn’t start the flashing process 

If you pressed the “Flash” button and nothing happens… It means one of these two things:

  • Problem 1 – Your ESP isn’t in flash mode (double-check if GPIO 0 is connected to GND on power up)
  • Problem 2 – Your FTDI Programmer can’t supply enough current to your ESP


Problem 1 – How to make your ESP go into flash mode:

  1. Close the NodeMCU flasher window
  2. Remove power from your ESP8266
  3. Having your ESP connected like this (double check that GPIO 0 is connected to GND)
  4. Apply power to your ESP8266 and open the NodeMCU flasher
  5. Press the “Flash” button

If it’s still saying “Waiting MAC”, then try the following:

  1. Having the NodeMCU flasher still open
  2. Connect a wire from your ESP8266 reset pin to GND
  3. Remove that wire from GND and connect to VCC

Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times until your ESP reboots and hopefully the NodeMCU flasher can detect your ESP and start the flashing process.

Problem 2 – If your FTDI can’t supply enough current, you might need to buy a new FTDI programmer or power your ESP8266 with an external power supply.

For more detail: ESP8266 Troubleshooting Guide

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