ESP8266 Bread Board Testing

This instructables show how to test ESP board on bread board without soldering, especially for ESP-07 and ESP-12(E) and may be ESP-03.

ESP board most require 2 mm pitch connector but most bread board are 2.54 mm pitch, It need some tricks on connect between ESP board and bread board.

ESP8266 Bread Board Testing

Step 1: Preparation

  • 2 mm pitch male pin connector with 14 or more positions, e.g.…
  • ESP board, ESP-07 and ESP-12(E) preferred because they have pin hole on the connector
  • 2 resistors for pull up and pull down resistor, it can be 1 – 12 k Ohms depends what you have in hand

For More Details : ESP8266 Bread Board Testing

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