iProtoXi Aistin: Multi-Modular Sensor Platform

Internet of My Own Things

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. –Salvador Dali
The Internet of Things has a different meaning for different people. For some, it means monitoring room temperatures from a mobile phone, whereas for other, it is controlling garden lighting from a laptop computer. For sports-minded people, it might mean logging their heart rate in real-time to a cloud service. Is there a common denominator between this wide range of different applications?

iProtoXi Aistin: Multi-Modular Sensor Platform

Our answer is Aistin. Instead of functionally limited ready-made IoT-sets, or flexible but unpractical self-wired desktop hassles, we wanted to inspire people to create new mobile products by providing the best that can be achieved with current technology:

  • Compactness – create tiny wrist worn devices instead of desktop monsters
  • Variability – uses a standard connector, enabling a large set of add-on boards
  • Truly mobile – run for a year and beyond with a small battery

In the heart of our Aistin product family is the very small Bus24 interface. Instead of making a proprietary solution of our own, we wanted to open this revolutionary technology to everyone. That is why the Aistin Bus24 is a free hardware standard with no license fees or other limitations. We really believe it will be included on all microcontroller boards in the future, and that the number of available add-on boards will increase exponentially.


For more detail: iProtoXi Aistin: Multi-Modular Sensor Platform

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