DIY dynamic electronic load

Hi group,

A while a go I shared my design for a small electronic load that was limited to dc operation only. I am in the process of design and construction of a dynamic load. The dynamic load steps the load current so that the transient response of the power supply being tested can be observed.
I have decided to keep the design simple using readily available components. I have also focused on performance of the analog circuitry.

DIY dynamic electronic load
0-5A maximum continuous current
0-5A pulsed current at 330Hz
Maximum dissipation around 40W (There is no protection circuits in the design)
LTspice was used for circuit modelling. I have attached the LTspice model in a zip file attached to this post.
The prototype was constructed on a double-sided board made on an LPKF milling machine.

For more detail: DIY dynamic electronic load

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