DC Electronic Load to banana cable adaptor

This product is a multi-purpose DC load terminal to banana cable adaptor. It includes solder pads for direct soldering of harnesses to the DC load output (convenient to add voltage sensing wires or wires from a power supply for battery emulation). Additionally, it has a fully integrated low-side shunt current sense circuit, locally filtered and outputted on a BNC connector. This allows viewing of the current waveform directly on your scope with extremely low noise.

This product is ideal for anyone that works with fast load or current transients and would like to observe those on an oscilloscope.


This product can be sold in two options:

  • [Adaptor only] The adaptor board is shipped only with banana connector mounted. The board can be used out of the box as a DC load terminal to banana cable adaptor and solder pads. The current monitor circuit (BNC connector, shunt resistor and low pass filter) are left unmounted. The buyer is free to mount his own BNC connector (J3: 5-1634503-1) and preferred shunt resistor (R1: LVK24) and low pass (C1, R2: 0805 size).
  • [Adaptor with current monitor] The adaptor board is shipped fully mounted with a 20mOhm/1W shunt resistor, 16kHz low-pass filter (1kOhm, 10nF) and the BNC connector installed. This corresponds to 20mV/A rated for 7A. This is the ideal option if you would like to observe load or current transients on an oscilloscope.


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