The CLT03 series is a digital input current limiter which drastically reduces the power dissipation of the digital inputs. It does not require external power supply as the device is activated with the input signal and it consumes no power in off state.

The CLT03 series is high side and low side compatible, as well as reverse plugin compatible. It can drive either opto-coupler or 3.3 V LVTTL circuit.
The CLT03-2Q3 can be evaluated thanks to the STEVAL-IFP035V1 evaluation board which embeds an isolated and non-isolated digital inputs configuration.
  • All features

    • Single and dual isolated channel devices
    • No power supply needed
    • Digital input current limitation
    • Enables input to meet type 1 and 3 characteristic of IEC 61131-2 standard
    • Deglitch filter for EMC robustness
    • High side / Low side compatible
    • Inputs are reverse plugin compatible
    • Drive isolated opto-couplers or non-isolated LVTTL digital input termination
    • Operating ambient temperature range from -30 °C to 125 °C
    • Two packages
      • SOT23-8L – 650 µm pitch
      • QFN-16L – 500 µm pitch
    • Complies with the following standards:
      • IEC 61000-4-2 level 1: ±4 kV (air discharge)
      • IEC 61000-4-2 level 1: ±2 kV (contact discharge)

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