ARM adds to CoreLink SoC interconnects

ARM has added to its CoreLink Cache Coherent Network (CCN) SoC interconnects, which deliver a flexible architecture from sensors to servers.

The CoreLink CCN-502 and CoreLink CCN-512 interconnects extend the current family for data center and infrastructure equipment that scales from the edge of the network to the core.

“Our new interconnects build on a common architecture, scaling from high efficiency Power-over-Ethernet wireless access points, to high compute density 48-core solutions,” says ARM’s James McNiven.ARM adds to CoreLink SoC interconnects

The entire family of CoreLink CCN interconnects offer enterprise-class features such as RAS, ECC and advanced QoS to address a wide range of infrastructure SoCs ranging from 1 to 48-cores of CPU that can be coupled with a variety of heterogeneous compute elements.

All CoreLink CCN interconnects include native ARM AMBA 5 CHI interfaces providing high frequency, non-blocking data transfers and an integrated Level 3 Cache and Snoop Filter.

CoreLink CCN-502 is an area-optimized interconnect for up to four quad-core processor clusters, offering the most cost and power-efficient solution in the CoreLink CCN family. Applications may include small cell base stations and sub-10W Power-over-Ethernet wireless access points.

Key benefits and features of the CoreLink CCN-502 include:

·         70% area reduction over CoreLink CCN-504 at 1MB

·         Optional, integrated Level 3 System Cache configurable up to 8MB

·         High frequency, high performance interconnect supporting up to 0.8Tb/s sustained bandwidth

·         1 to 4 processor clusters including ARM Cortex®-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors with AMBA 5 CHI

·         1 to 4 channels of DDR3/4 memory with DMC-520 supporting 72-bit ECC DIMMs

·         Up to 9 1/O coherent ports with AMBA 4 AX14/ACE-Lite interfaces in addition to CPU and DMC ports

The CoreLink CCN-512 is the highest performance solution in the CoreLink CCN family and offers partners the ability to create dense, 48-core heterogeneous compute solutions with mix of CPUs, DSPs and accelerators and bandwidths up to 1.8 terabits per second.


For more detail: ARM adds to CoreLink SoC interconnects

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