555 Timer Breakout Board Plus

A breakout board for the 555 timer exposing the leads astable or monostable implementation.

Hello, my name is Patrick Grady and I’m a highschool senior in the US. I’m an avid programmer and tinkerer and love anything related to electronics and computers.

This past winter I took a class in Digital Electronics and was introduced to the 555 timer. One of the most common applications of the 555 timer is the astable mode, which is unfortunately rather clunky to build on a breadboard. This 555 breakout board does more than expose the 555’s eight pins: it sets you up to run your 555 timer in astable mode with slots to insert two resistors and a capacitor of your choice. This board eliminates all the wiring for the 555 timer. The 555 Timer Breakout Board Plus will cut out the tedium of setting up the 555 timer and will allow hobbyists to dig straight in to their projects.

555 Timer Breakout Board Plus

As a electronics hobbyist myself, I recognize the usefulness of this simple device, but also acknowledge its relevance is limited to the niche market of hobbyist electronics. If you want this device or think a friend could use it, please contribute to the campaign and buy a 555 timer breakout board!

We have built a fully functional prototype board, which you can check out above in the campaign images. The board is 0.88 inches by 0.82 inches.

NOTE: This board does not necessarily reflect the exact final design of the board.

Here you can see the Eagle board layout. We will be using the NE555P made by Texas Instruments. For C1, R1 and R2 we will be using three, 2 pin female headers so that the user can easily stick in whatever resistors or capacitors they want to use in the circuit. The power, ground, and output headers will be male so that this board can easily be used with a breadboard. TRG will be left open to allow the user to use the timer in monostable mode.


For more detail: 555 Timer Breakout Board Plus

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