Homemade temperature LED display for PC using PIC16F876

Since I started my watercooling prejoect, I have been verry interested in how well it perform, the only way is to measure all temperatures before and after, The motherboard temperature sensors is useless unacurate, so I'm using LM50B By using this LM50B sensor I get 1 C of real accuracy I use a PIC16F876 to drive a four two digits LED displays, the PIC16 has 4 analog inputs with 10 bits resolution, now I ca ...

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Interfacing Dot Matrix led Display with PIC Microcontroller

To know about Interfacing Dot Matrix led Display with PIC Microcontroller, we have to know about what is Dot Matrix Display? And how it work? Dot Matrix Display is an array of LED situated in a form of Matrix. See the architecture of a 7*5 Dot Matrix led Display board. Project Description : In this tutorial project we can see how easily we can display any alphabet in 7*5 Dot Matrix led Display board. Let we ...

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How to drive an led display matrix using PIC16F88

Here you can find out how to drive an led matrix with 64 LEDs (8 rows by 8 columns - 8x8 display) or less e.g. 35 LEDs (7 rows by 5 columns - 5x7 dot matrix). It uses persistence of vision to let you drive the 64 led matrix with only 10 microcontroller outputs! Normally you would need 64 outputs for 64 LEDs but by using multiplexing and a helper chip you can get away with 10. LED Display multiplexing simply ...

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