This one is a very simple but cool project, something that I would recommend to anyone who is interested into DIY electronics, gadgets and learning new stuff in general. It is definitely one of those projects that don’t require too much time but you can learn a lot by making it and also earn a lot of credit by sharing it with your friends and family. Below you can see a final product. It’s a heart shaped, t ...

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Simple Button Keypad – Microcontroller

Simple method for creating a custom button keypad that doesn't require separate hardware.  Just your microcontroller buttons a few resistors. What we have here is 9 buttons and 6 signal lines (3 inputs, 3 outputs).  The basic setup is in a grid pattern where the three input lines come down as columns (PIN0, PIN1, and PIN2),  and the three output lines come across as rows (PIN3, PIN4, and PIN5). Each button ...

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