Pic 16F676 ICSP programing socket for the PICkit 2 programer

Pic 16F676 ICSP programing socket for the PICkit 2 programer

I’m trying to build this dual DC motor module for my robot project
And I did not have the space for placing an ICSP pin header on the PCB.
So i quickly mocked up this design.
programing socket

Step 1:

Geting the parts

Well to build the ICSP socket with header for the PICkit 2. We need 1part experiment board I used the one with raster 2.54mm holes where every 3 are connected in rows of solder islands.
I had one 18pin DIL IC socket just lying around so i used that one. (the 16F676 is a 14pin chip)
and i took 5pins angled pin header (Always have lots of break of pin headers at home.)
and some AWG26 PTFE red and yellow wire.

Step 2:


Well this is pretty straight forward just draw out your design on the experiment PCB
Just follow this table, for the 16f676.. I have not checked it up but this may be the same for all 14pin pic16F***
ICSP connector function pic pin
2 VDD 1
3 VSS 14
5 ICSPCLK 12I did the mistake in this step not looking at my programmer, to see that the wires should be inverted, wire 1 moved to the top wire 5 to the bottom and so on. If you want to see your socket and pic programmer lights facing the same way. just be sure to draw it the other way or place the header pins facing right instead of left that will fix it to.

For more detail: Pic 16F676 ICSP programing socket for the PICkit 2 programer

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