Get rid of unpleasant odors easily and effectively


USM-MEMS-VOC module evaluates rate of air pollution by contaminants such as cigarette smoke and cooking odors and allows control of air ventilation system on demand.

Modul USM-MEMS-VOC is based on the innovative and highly stable TGS 8100 MEMS semiconductor sensor TGS8100 from Figaro. In the presence of detectable gas, sensor resistance decreases depending on gas concentration in the air. New technology allows very rapid response to gas concentration change. The USM-MEMS-VOC reacts within 8 seconds.

Get rid of unpleasant odors easily and effectively

The module evaluates ratio of sensor resistance in clean air (base level) to sensor resistance in polluted air and calculates air quality in range 0 to 100%. It communicates through UART interface. Besides that it provides PWM signal (185Hz) with pulse width proportional to air quality and three binary outputs which turns on when air quality reach 25%, 50% and 75%.

The module allows using of external I2C temperature/humidity sensor for measuring and also to temperature/humidity compensation of TGS8100. USM-MEMS-VOC and TGS8100 can be found in our standard stock offer. In case of interest please contact us at [email protected]

For more detail:  Get rid of unpleasant odors easily and effectively

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