USB sound card made from a broken USB headphones

If you have old USB headphones you can easily transform them to a USB sound. This card can be helpful during testing of home built devices connected to the speaker or microphone ports on the PC (for example A proof of concept of a simple sonar and Constructing a homemade microphone).

USB sound card made from a broken USB headphones

I used broken Audio 655 DSP headphones with working electronic inside. They have below features:

  • Powered from USB.
  • Stereo output.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Mute/unmute switch.
  • Volume up/down switches.
  • Power on LED indicator.

View of disabled headphones. Two PCB visible: one that was in the USB key, and the second that was in the headphones. Speaker and microphone were desoldered.

Both PCB were soldered together.


For more detail: USB sound card made from a broken USB headphones

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