Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone by GSM with User Programmable Number of Features Using PIC Microcontroller

Vehicle theft intimation on owner cell phone is very particular information to the vehicle’s owners. In this developing nation, the vehicle theft is increasing day by day so we should need to develop a system to overcome this problem. Here we are introducing a new vehicle theft intimation system, which would be provide the intimation to the vehicle’s owner on his mobile phone without wasting any time, when ...

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XBee Based Temperature and Gas Monitoring System Using Pic Microcontroller

Xbee based temperature and gas monitoring system using pic microcontroller is a system that could be used for monitoring or controlling the temperature or gas automatically of any room, public place or storage place such as vegetable storage or fruit storage place. If we analyze the current situation of world then we can easily examine that in this busy world, no one has a time to switch on or off the elect ...

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Rutronik UK offers first integrated MEMS gas sensor from Bosch Sensortec

Integrated environmental sensors from Bosch Sensortec, the BME680, for wearables and mobile use, is available from Rutronik UK. The Bosch Sensortec BME680 expands Rutronik UK’s portfolio to include the first integrated MEMS sensor measuring individually, highly linear, and precise, gas, air pressure, humidity, and temperature. The BME680 is an integrated environmental sensor specifically developed for weara ...

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