Wyostat: Open Source Thermostat Pt. 1

Does the world need another connected thermostat? When my thermostat went on the blink last winter, I looked at Nest, and Ecobee, and the other me-too thermostats, and I decided I would rather build my own. If Nest goes out of business (or even more likely, Google decides to go a different direction),  all that cool connected functionality pffft! If I want to control it just inside my house, I don’t really ...

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IR Digital Thermostat for FAN

Introduction  This circuit measures temperature in Celsius scale and displays it on an alphanumeric LCD screen When temperature rise to 40 C an alarm is activated and at the same time a relay is also activated which drives a fan to keep the temperature at a level. Another feature of this circuit is that you can use the keys "1,2,3,4" of a Philips TV IR remote to turn on or off three relays, The key '4' is u ...

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DCF77 clock-thermostat using PIC16F648A

Always at the right time your house on temperature This project make use of a PIC16F648(A) and a DCF77 receiver from Conrad (Orderno. 64 11 38) With DCF77 runs the clock from the thermostat always on the right time. Synchronizing isn't necessary anymore. The temperaturesensor is a DS1820 or DS18B20 and on a HD44780 (or compatible) 2x16 LC-Display becomes day, date, time, temperature (with 0.1°C precision) a ...

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