CD-ROM BLDC motor controller using PIC18F4550 and L293D

In the following topic URL we've seen how to control BLDC motor speed and direction of rotation using PIC18F4550 microcontroller and 3-phase bridge circuit:CD-ROM Spindle motor (BLDC) control with PIC18F4550 microcontroller This topic shows how to make the same controller using L293D motor driver instead of the 3-phase bridge circuit. The 3 phase bridge is more complicated and expansive and while the L293D ...

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Dual DC Motor driver using two L293D

Dual DC Motor driver using two L293D IC. The L293D device is quadruple high-current half-H driver. The 293D is designed to provide bidirectional drive current up to 600mA a voltage from 5V to 36V. It provides 600mA +600mA on each channel suitable for mini hobby robots.  The board been designed mainly for small size robot, however this can be used for other application where two motor control required. L293D ...

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Interfacing DC Motor with PIC Microcontroller using L293D

DC Motor and L293D We can’t drive a DC Motor (depends) directly with a Microcontroller, as DC Motors requires high current and high voltage than a Microcontroller can handle. Microcontrollers usually operates at +5 or +3.3V supply and it I/O pin can provide only up to 25mA current. Commonly used DC Motors requires 12V supply and 300mA current, moreover interfacing DC Motors directly with Microcontrollers ma ...

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