password based circuit breaker using pic microcontroller

Password based circuit breaker project: Microcontrollers are an extremely versatile tool with thousands of applications, many of which have helped meet our daily needs and save time, money and most importantly, labor or work power. However, when we designed this project our aim was different than to exploit these advantages. We aimed to use the microcontroller to not only solve one of the major problems in ...

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Overheat/Overcooling Circuit Breaker

This project automatically switches off the electrical flow in event of excess heating or excess cooling thus protecting the circuit from damage using NXP NCX2220GU. The comparator guarantees to operate at low voltages which makes this device convenient for use in 5 V systems and has a typical internal hysteresis of 9 mV that allows for greater noise immunity. For overheat circuit breaker, reference is set ...

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Password Based Circuit Breaker using PIC Microcontroller with C code

Here i am going to explain you a simple Password based circuit Breaker Project using PIC Microcontroller. This project is much similar to my previous one, “Password Based Door Locking System”. Circuit breakers are electromechanical devices used in the power system to connect or disconnect the power flow at the generator, substation, or load location. Only authorised persons with correct password can connect ...

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