ST has MEMS gyro for more than

The L3G4IS is the first three-axis MEMS gyroscope that enables both user interface and image stabilization applications at the same time.

Thanks to two different independent reading chains and digital interfaces, the L3G4IS delivers previously unseen levels of flexibility to the end user. Each reading chain and the corresponding full-scale can be activated by powering two separate pins, the internal ASIC blocks automatically detect and enable the selected device configuration.

The unique sensing element is manufactured using a dedicated micro-machining process developed by STMicroelectronics to produce inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers.

The L3G4IS is available in a plastic land grid array (LGA) package and can operate within a temperature range of -30 °C to +85 °C.

Key Features

  • Three selectable full-scales (250/500/2000 dps) for gaming applications
  • ± 65 dps full-scale for OIS applications
  • Independent I2C and SPI digital interfaces
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Integrated low- and high-pass filters with user-selectable bandwidth
  • Wide supply voltage range: 2.4 V to 3.6 V
  • Low voltage-compatible IOs (1.8 V)
  • Power-down and sleep mode for smart power saving
  • Embedded FIFO (first-in first-out buffer
  • ECOPACK® RoHS and “Green” compliant

ST has MEMS gyro for more than

STMicroelectronics claims to have the first dual-core gyroscope capable of handling both user-motion recognition and camera image stabilisation.

The MEMS dual-core gyroscope employs separate output paths optimised for the two different functions in a 4x4x1mm package.

The aim is to provide motion and gesture recognition and optical image stabilization for sharper mobile-camera photos.

“Instead of using two dedicated sensors with significantly different specifications, phone and tablet manufacturers can now simply integrate a single gyroscope for both gesture recognition and camera image stabilization, which enables more reliable performance, sleeker form factors, and lower costs,” said Benedetto Vigna, corporate v-p and general manager of ST’s Analogue, MEMS and Sensors Group

The gyroscope includes power-down and sleep modes and an embedded FIFO (first-in first-out) memory block for smarter power management. The sensor outputs data through independent I2C and SPI interfaces and offers additional digital embedded features, such as configurable low- and high-pass filters.

The gyroscope embeds a temperature sensor and can operate with any supply voltage over the range of 2.4 to 3.6V.

ST’s L3G4IS dual-core gyroscope is sampling now and volume production is scheduled for Q2 2012.


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