OpenMV Machine Vision for Beginners

OpenMV- Machine Vision for Beginners

Description The OpenMV project aims at making machine vision more accessible to beginners by developing a user-friendly, open-source, low-cost machine vision platform. OpenMV cameras are programmable in Python3 and come with an extensive set of image processing functions such as face detection, keypoints descriptors, color tracking, QR and Bar codes decoding, AprilTags, GIF and MJPEG […]

OpenMV- Machine Vision for Beginners

PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide Basic connection circuit schematic

PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide: Basic connection circuit

What is a pic microcontroller? The PIC microcontroller is a low cost ‚Äėcomputers on a chip‚Äô¬†manufactured by Microchip. They allow electronic designers and hobbyists impart intelligence and logic to a single chip for special purpose applications and products. The PIC microcontroller programming is done using the popular software ‚ÄėMikro C‚Äô. This powerful yet easy to

PIC microcontroller Beginner‚Äôs guide: Basic connection circuit