Photon Printer – Micro Laser Engraver

The Photon Printer is a 3D printable laser engraver made from recycled DVD Drives. A list of necessary components is in the instructions.

The Photon Printer started out as a quick weekend project then quickly escalated when I saw that there was room for improvement in the current designs. The design turned out to be quite fun and I really enjoyed seeing it work at the end.

Safety – None of the designs I have seen have any sort of shielding around the laser. Given that even a 5mW diode can be dangerous any sort of engraver should have safety features. These include
• A full enclosure to block reflected laser light
• Roller door access
• Safety cut off switch on door
• Angled ventilation to prevent light leakage

3D printability – Printing allows for a lot of features that are not included in other versions.
• Accurate positioning of components
• Fits a wide range of DVD Drives
• Z axis fine tuning adjustor
• Built in roller door guides
• Custom axis mounts
• Low part count
• Ease of assembly
• Buildable by people without access to machining tools
• All parts have one large flat surface to aid in printing

Photon Printer - Micro Laser Engraver

• Coarse laser height adjust for material thickness compensation
• Fine laser adjust for focusing
• Spring tensioned Z adjust to reduce vibration
• Sliding lugs to fit a range of DVD Plates
• Suits an Arduino Uno and CNC shield for an easy build
• Low parts count
• Low cost


2015-10-01 Instructions updated, Solidworks and STEP files added
2015-09-27 A small gap added to top of nut traps to compensate for sagging during bridging.
2015-09-27 V2 uploaded – Now suits an Arduino uno with CNC shield. Sliding mounting lugs support a wider variety of DVD Drives. Springs are now printed, no need to tap the parts.
2015-07-17 Improved electronics schematic by pepperm
2015-07-15 Electronics Schematic updated in better quality.


First off get some safety glasses! The laser cutter is fully enclosed while running but you’ll need safety glasses for testing and focusing the laser.
A lot of inspiration and knowledge came from this tutorial
I’ll reference it a lot as I go.


For more detail: Photon Printer – Micro Laser Engraver

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