The Nomad CNC Mill

The Nomad 883 is a ready-to-run CNC Mill that’s at home in any environment.

UPDATE #1: Watch Jorge and Apollo pitch The Nomad to Leo Laporte on the new TWiT show, “I’d Fund That” at

UPDATE #2: Stretch Goal Met!  Every machine comes with the Flip Jig for two side machining and INNER CIRCLE pledges come with a vise.  Thanks to everyone who helped us get there!

UPDATE #3: We have unlimited BUILDER level (Shipping starting in Dec) and a limited number of INNER CIRCLE level available (Shipping starting in Jan).

The Nomad CNC Mill


Thanks again to all our supporters!

Turn Your Desktop Into a Workshop

With The Nomad 883 we’ve taken the guesswork out of operating a CNC machine.  Everything you’ll need to get started is included – software (for Mac and PC), cutters, cables, even a starter pack of material. You’ll be cutting parts out on day one.

The Nomad 883 is fully enclosed to control the mess and limit the noise. You can get a Bamboo enclosure for a home or studio, or a durable HDPE enclosure for the shop or garage.

The Idea Behind The Nomad 883

Some early Nomad sketches

We’ve been in product development for 16 years and have used all of the big digital fabrication technologies – 3D printers, CNC mills, and laser cutters (we own one of each). We know what they’re capable of and what the pitfalls are. Of the bunch, the CNC mill is the most versatile machine but it comes with a big list of flaws: it’s complicated, loud, messy, slow, and intimidating.

In spite of the drawbacks, we always turned to our CNC mill when we needed a perfect prototype.

Early CAD model of The Nomad – We’ve come a long way

Rob, one of our founding partners and creator of MeshCAM, brought up the idea of building our own machine from the ground up, with all the software and firmware necessary to close the gap between the usability of 3D printers and power of CNC Mills. We loved the concept, and decided to work full-time on The Nomad 883.

Our first engineering prototype

Hassle Free Experience

The Nomad 883 ships with MeshCAM to turn your 3D part into something a CNC mill can work with, and Carbide Motion to control the Nomad 883.

Things like feed rates, speeds, depths of cut, etc are handled automatically to reduce the learning curve associated with CNC machining.

The Nomad uses an embedded motion controller so you won’t have to dedicate a computer to control the mill like some PC-based CNC machines. Just plug the USB cable into your Mac or Windows computer and you’re ready to go.

If you have a favorite CAM program and don’t want to re-learn a new workflow, no problem. Carbide Motion can read gcode from any CAM program.


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