my-ssd1306 an HTML interface to SSD1306 OLED display

A board that transforms your SSD1306 OLED Display into an RS232 monitor with HTML built-in parser.


My-SSD1306 allows you to connect any device equipped with RS232 to the I2C SSD1306 displays.

My-ssd1306 is an interface board for display OLED SSD1306 (with I2C port enabled) created to extend the use of these displays to all the devices equipped with RS232.

my-ssd1306 an HTML interface to SSD1306 OLED display

My-ssd1306 will be an open source and open hardware project.

Moreover, thanking the fact that all the libraryes needed to get the display working are inside the my-ssd1306 board, you can use I2C OLED SSD1306 display with any kind of processor, no matters how performant is.

My-ssd1306 board should be put between the RS232 source and the I2C SSD1306 target. Two series of connection pins are provided both have VCC, GND, SDA and SCL but one serie has the VCC and GND swapped to allows a direct connection via a connector because some commercial displays have these two pins inverted.

The power supply is between 3V and 5V. The I2C address of the display is automatically detected from my-ssd1306 board.

The normal use of my-ssd1306 consider the board as a receiver of strings to be displayed, but since there are some special characters that the user can send (for example: to change the font), with the string “$?” my-ssd1306 board sends back a short description of all commands.

Most functions listed above are straightforward, two of them needs an explanation:

  • With “$s” we save the settings like font, orientation and inversion, so next time the board is switched on this settings are already selected.
  • With “$h” we select the HTML parser that is one interesting function indeed.

By sending a string formatted as a web page with the HTML parser active,  my-ssd1306 will display it as you expect to see in a browser.

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