Mooshimeter – Measure 600V and 10A with 24 bit precision through 50 meters

Fun fact: None of these images are simulated.

Every Mooshimeter on this page is gathering real data in real life.

The Mooshimeter was born out of our frustrations as electrical engineers at the limitations of the “standard” digital multimeter.


Almost every digital multimeter will only let you use one mode at a time, meaning that to watch relationships in an active system you need to use multiple meters.  Most have a front panel dominated by a numeric LCD display and a gigantic mode selection knob.  And having the display mounted on the measurement hardware makes it very difficult to measure moving or enclosed systems, because the user must have clear line of sight to the meter to be able to read it.

Over the last few years, many of us have started carrying big beautiful touchscreen radios in our pockets all the time.  The Mooshimeter leverages the hardware you’re already carrying with you to provide features previously available only on much more expensive instruments in a tiny, durable package at an affordable price.

Why Wireless?

A wired meter forces you to get up close and personal with what you are measuring.  This can be a mild inconvenience or downright dangerous.  The wireless link provides you the freedom in your measurement to:

* Allow Mooshimeter to be bravely on the wrong side of a blast shield while you exercise the better part of valor.

* Make measurements across water- or air-tight seals.

* Realistically measure performance without having to chase after your robot.

* Finally answer the question we’ve all had since we were 4: Does the light in the refrigerator actually turn off when I shut the door?


For more detail: Mooshimeter – Measure 600V and 10A with 24 bit precision through 50 meters

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