DDC’s HSN-1000 radiation-hardened Hybrid Nuclear Event Detector (NED) senses ionizing radiation pulses generated by a nuclear event, such as the detonation of a nuclear weapon, and rapidly switches its output from the normal high state to a low state with a propagation delay time of less than 20ns. The active low Nuclear Event Detection signal (NED) is used to initiate a wide variety of circumvention functions, thus preventing upset and burnout of electronic components. The NED output is also used to initiate both hardware and software recovery. This high-speed, 14-pin hybrid detector is used in electronic systems as a general-purpose circumvention device to protect memory, stop data processing, and drive power supply switches as well as signal clamps.HSN-1000 NUCLEAR EVENT DETECTOR

The HSN-1000 is guaranteed to operate through three critical environments: ionizing dose rate [1012 rad(Si)/s], gamma total dose [106 rad(Si)], and neutron fluence [5 x 1013 n/cm2]. In addition, the device is designed to function throughout the transient neutron pulse. The hybrid’s discrete design ensures a controlled response in these radiation environments as well as immunity to latch-up. Each HSN-1000’s detection level and functionality are tested in an ionizing dose rate environment. A certificate is provided with each serialized hybrid, reporting the radiation test results and guaranteeing its performance. The device is also a lot qualified in the total dose and neutron environments to ensure performance.

The detection threshold of the HSN-1000 is adjustable within the range of 2 x 105 rad(Si)/s to 2 x 107 rad(Si)/s. This detection level can be preset by DDC or adjusted by the user. Less than a 30% variation in detection threshold can be expected over the entire operating temperature range.


  • Detects ionizing radiation pulses
  • 100% tested/certified detection threshold level
  • Adjustable circumvention period
  • 100% testable with built-in test
  • Detection threshold adjustability
  • Single +5V operation
  • Radiation hardness guaranteed
  • Compliant to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H
  • Flat pack (F) or DIP (L) packages

Radiation Hardness Characteristics:

  • Dose Rate (operate-through): 1 x 1012 rad(Si)/sec
  • Total Dose: 1 x 106 rad(Si)
  • Neutron Fluence: 5 x 1013 n/cm2
  • Approximate Detection Range: 2 x 105 – 2 x 107 rad(Si)/sec
  • DDC Specified, Controlled, Tested and Guaranteed


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