Hack your fridge with IoT kit!

This is the first hack we made using the new IoT Kit Wi-Fi!

We know you guys like to eat during night (the best time for programming and hacking) but this is a really unhealthy habit and we want you fit and healthy! :-)

Hack your fridge with IoT kit

How it works
The alarm for your fridge activates at a certain time and sends an email (to your girlfriend, mum, enemy or whoever kicks your ass) every time you open the door of the fridge :-)

How to set it up? Easy, FlyportPRO starts as softAP and you can connect to its web server where you can setup the email address of the receiver, the subject and the activation time (start/stop). After setup it restarts and connects to your Wi-Fi and the light sensors makes the rest.


For more detail: Hack your fridge with IoT kit!

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