Intelligent Motion Sensing Platform

Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform

The MMA955xL platform as a sensor hub is an intelligent sensing hub with built-in accelerometer, signal conditioning, and data conversion with 32-bit programmable microcontroller and temperature sensor. In addition, it has a second I2C bus and one external analog input, which can be monitored using the on-chip Analog-to-Digital (ADC). This unique blend transforms Freescale’s MMA955xL

Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform

Green house intelligent control system

Green house intelligent control system

In this post we will discuss about Green house intelligent control system: With the people’s living standards increasing, modern, a large number of agricultural production, such as vegetable using greenhouse to cultivate. The temperature and humidity monitoring are two key factors which used to control the growth of crops, due to different growth of greenhouse

Green house intelligent control system