Freaks3D: the World’s First Portable 3D Printer

Freaks3D the World's First Portable 3D Printer

Take it wherever you want. The Freaks3D weighs 2.945kg and battery compatible. It is completely portable. Small enough to blend in with any table but large enough to unleash your creativity.

Less is more. Simplified extruded-aluminum beams to ensure sturdy and high-quality performance. The Freaks3D employs v-slot slider system to provide precise seamless positioning.

Quality prints on your desktop. Detailed layer resolution at fast speed. All-metal nozzle head allows PLA/TPU filaments of a rainbow of colors without easy breaks or damage.  No pre-heating is needed. Simply feed the filament into the entrance path and the printer will do the rest.

Full LCD display

Operate Freaks3D with ease visual and interactive LCD display. It is intuitive to monitor the system configuration while printing.

Easy setup

Can Freaks3D be assembled and printing in a couple of hours? Definitely. We provide patient and detailed setup instructions for you, normally the construction should take 2 hours or so. No soldering is required.

Freaks3D the World's First Portable 3D Printer

Consistency guaranteed with 10-hour aging before shipment

Every Freaks3D will go through 10 hours aging before shipment to guarantee machine consistency and continuous high mechanical endurance.

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