EAGLE BOM generation script


BOM-Gen is EGALE ULP script to generate complete BOM (bill of materials) document for EAGLE PCB projects. This script generate BOM document as formatted HTML document.

EAGLE BOM generation script


  1. Copy bom.ulp file to EAGLE ULP directory. Normally, in Windows operating systems this directory is located at “C:\Program Files\EAGLE-X.X.X\ulp”. Also note that this is an optional step and you can also keep this bom.ulp file in any other convenient location in your computer.
  2. Run EAGLE and open schematic or board file.
  3. If you are in schematic view switch to board view by clicking File > Switch to board menu item.
  4. In Board view click File > Run ULP… menu item.
  5. Select bom.ulp file and press “Open” button.
  6. When “Save output file” dialog box appears, select location and filename to save HTML BOM file.


This script is distributed under the terms of MIT License.


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