DC/DC buck power modules fit tight spaces

Micrel’s family of low-profile step-down power modules integrates a synchronous buck regulator with an inductor into a 2.5×3×1.1-mm QFN package for the 1-A MIC33163/33164 and a 2.5×3×1.9-mm QFN package for the 2-A MIC33263/33264 . The modules offer 100% duty cycle operation and accommodate an input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V.

Incorporating Micrel’s FleaFET techDC/DC buck power modules fit tight spacesnology and HyperLight Load control architecture, the devices can operate up to 4 MHz with up to 88% efficiency at 10 mA and up to 93% peak efficiency. This architecture also provides fast transient response that minimizes output capacitance, thereby reducing total board space to just 4.6×7 mm.


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