Core Independent Peripherals – Simplify Your Design While Reducing Processor Overhead

Core Independent Peripherals

The following Core Independent Peripherals take 8-bit MCU performance to a new level, while requiring no processor overhead.

Configurable Logic Cell

Configurable Logic Cell (CLC)

The CLC provides programmable combinational and sequential logic. It also enables the on-chip interconnection of peripherals and I/O, thereby reducing external components, saving code space and adding functionality.


  • User-configurable real time logic control
    • CLC configuration GUI for quick turn development
  • Combinational logic functions
  • State Functions/Clock
    • D Flip-Flop, JK Flip-Flop D Latch, SR Latch
  • Input sources
    • Pins
    • Peripherals
  • Output available to
    • External Pins
    • Other Peripherals
  • Operation while in Sleep
  • Configurable via custom GUI


Title Date Published D/L
CLC GUI–Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) Configuration Tool GUI 08/29/12 ZIP



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