What Should You Consider Before Choosing A Low Cost PCB Manufacturer.

As the electronics industry gets increasingly competitive, electronics design companies are constantly on the search for low cost PCB manufacturers. Yet, getting the right fit in a PCB supplier takes more than blindly selecting the cheapest alternatives you found online. Making a wrong decision, especially when it comes to low cost PCB manufacturers can means costly consequences in your production cycle.What Should You Consider Before Choosing A Low Cost PCB Manufacturer.

Regardless of which country you intend to source your PCB manufacturers, here are some important points worth considering before you hired any companies.


  1. Quality

At any circumstances, the quality of your PCB must never be compromised for the sake of mere cost reduction. Ensure that the PCB manufacturer has prior track record and reference from the company. If you’re in doubt, do order a minimal prototype sample to gauge the quality of their manufacturing process, before making a full production order.


  1. Lead Time

If it sounds too good to be true, it sometimes is. There are some PCB manufacturers that provides great quality at a low cost but compromise it in the form of long lead time. If you’re running a time-sensitive production schedule, it’s always prudent to double confirm the lead time with your manufacturer, including the shipping time.



  1. Manufacturing Capability

Manufacturing Capability

Are you producing PCB that require high precision manufacturing? Or do you require Flexible PCB for smart wearables? Before committing to any orders, do check with the technical team of the manufacturer if they are capable of meeting the requirements of your design. Sometimes, simple specifications such as the width of traces and clearance could vary from various manufacturers.


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