CES: 2 Displays on Russian Yota Smartphone

ORLANDO, Fla. — CES 2015 debuts the future of smartphones coming from all places, Moscow, where mother-company Yota Devices is partially owned by the Russian government. Shown in the E-Ink booth at CES, the YotaPhone, as its called, is not yet available in the U.S. and its a good thing, since that gives Apple, Samsung and the other big contenders time to catch up. In its second generation, the YotaPhone is almost up to snuff in software (the first generation showed last year was sorely wanting in stability and apps). But by the time it is introduced in the U.S. later in 2015, the Android-based phone should be a winner, even if the other big guys counter with similar models by them.

2 Displays on Russian Yota Smartphone

The biggest differentiator is that the YotaPhone has not only a standard color LCD screen on the front, but also has a zero-power E-Ink display on its back, allowing clock, weather, number of emails, messages and so forth to be constantly displayed while drawing almost no power. In fact, if you use the E-Ink display exclusively you can read books for 100 hours without recharging, listen to music and surf the web for up to 48 hours, and surf the web constantly for up to 24 hours straight without a recharge.

The second-generation Yota smartphone features dual screens — E-Ink on the back — enabling it to extend battery life to 100 hours for reading, 48 hours for listening to music and surfing the Web, and 24 hours of constant Web browsing time over 4G networks.
(Source: Yota Devices)

The front has a 5-inch touch-screen display with 1,920-by-1,080-pixel resolution, while the backside has a 4.7-inch grey-scale E-ink screen, similar to those found in an e-reader. Unfortunately, because of the two displays it comes in at 8.9 millimeters (.35 inches) thick compared with 6.9 millimeters (.27) inches for the iPhone 6.

The software is also not as complete as an iPhone 6, but does include a full Android KitKat implementation, with built-in Google email, web browsing and the whole suite of Google apps and services plus the 1.3 million apps available on Google Play.


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