ARM PRO MINI is a small barebone open source ARM M0 microcontroller board that is great for quick prototyping and as a starting point for your own ARM based custom designs. It was designed and named after the venerable Arduino Pro Mini and it is an excellent stepping stone for makers and hobbyists ‘graduating’ from Arduino to the ARM architecture

Schematic (PDF)


Case 3D Model



  • Prototyping friendly. Compatible with standard soldieries breadboards and can be soldered to a standard 0.1” proto board.
  • Straight forward barebone design. Customize for your own PCB design by selecting the portions of the circuit you need.
  • Single package install of the free and fully feature IDE (NXP Eclipse/LPCXpresso).
  • Zero software installation when using with the online IDE.
  • Full support of Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Easy firmware upgrade using a file drag and drop. Programmers and adapters are not required, even if you are bringing up your own board!
  • Supports optional debuggers (such as the OM13014,598) for single stepping and full debugging capabilities.
  • I/O library and a hello world example (with serial printing over USB, parallel port io, blinking LED, and timing).
  • No-nonsense open source license (no commercial restrictions, sharing and attribution not required).



Attribute Value
Memory 64K flash, 8K RAM, 4K EEPROM
Speed 48Mhz
Core voltage 3.3V (3.3V LDO included)
MCU Package QFN 5x5mm, 0.5mm pitch, 32 pads + ground tab.
PCB dimensions 1.5” x 0.775” (38.1mm x 19.7mm)
PCB Layers 2
PCB Thickness 1mm recommended. (standard 1.6mm is also OK).
PCB file format Eagle + PDF + Gerber files.
PCB rules 6mil min trace, 7mil min spacing.
SMT Technology 0402, QFN 0.5mm pitch.
Power options USB, ext 3.3v, ext 16V max (with included 3.3V LDO)
Header pins 2×15 DIP, 0.7” row spacing. Access to all MCU’s I/O pins.
USB Connector Micro B
Debugger Connector SWD 2×5 pin header, 0.5” pitch
Crystal 12Mhz (for 48Mhz MCU operation).
LEDS Power (blue), USB status (green), Application (red),
Switches Reset, ISP.
Recomanded IDE NXP LPCXpresso (eclipse based, free)


For more detail: ARM PRO MINI

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